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Due to the coronavirus epidemic all the classes in the Department of Physiology are cancelled  until 25th of March 2020.


Staff and faculty


Students issuesassoc. prof. Edyta Mądry MD, PhD

email: emadry@ump.edu.pl  or  edytamadry@gmail.com

In the case of email contact, the student is asked to wait up to 3 days for the answer.

 facebook:    6yMD-2020-21-PHYSIOLOGY


Dorota Marczuk- KrynickaMD, PhD: dmk5@interia.pl 

Dorota Nowak MD, PhD: dnowak@ump.edu.pl 

Agnieszka Adamczak-Ratajczak MD, PhD: a.rataj3@wp.pl

Leszek Niepolski MD, PhD: lesz.nie@tlen.pl

Wojciech Zawisza MD : wojzawi@wp.pl




List of students

Attendance and Points 


Syllabus & Presentation

Serology & Immunity

Gastrointestinal System

Autonomic Nervous System


Reproduction and Sex Hormones

Respiratory System Seminar

Spirometry Lab.

Thyroid Hormones

Regulation of Calcium Level


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